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The Leadersmith

The Leadersmith


Brand Strategy, Identity, Aesthetic, Photography, and Website.

The Leadersmith is a leadership development experience for growth-oriented high achievers who want to grow with purpose in their personal and professional lives.

We had the pleasure of working with Theresa Smith to develop the brand for her leadership coaching program. A-Type personalities like Theresa always succeed as they put the practices they learn through our Design Your Own Success Brand Discovery into place.

The logo for The Leadersmith is sharp, clean and professional. Dealing with a generally corporate clientele leaves us keeping big business in mind as we start the design process. Minimalist, but powerful displays work best and The Leadersmith brand identity is a great example of that. Theresa's not all business though, so the splashes of color in the palette bring that authenticity, and as she would put it, "joie de vivre" into play.

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