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Our Promise

At Kireina Studios we have had the pleasure of working with start-ups and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Out of all the work we've done, and outcomes we've seen, there's nothing more valuable to us than the excitement and inspiration our clients get from seeing the vision they have for their business come to life. That's why our promise is so important to us. We pledge ourselves to creating the brand that brings your vision to life. Together, we can design your success. 

Design Your Own Success

The Branding Crash Course

To the entrepreneurs who really want to shine in the marketplace, develop attractive brands, understand their target audiences and learn how it all works, this program is for you. With Kireina Studios, long gone are the days of not knowing how to use your brand. Learn to design your own success!

Our Purpose

Our signature brand discovery process is made with the understanding that entrepreneurs, start-ups and thought leaders have a lot on their plates. These days, you have to be the CEO, Social Media Manager, Accountant, PR, and so much more. A job frequently looked over is that of the Creative Director.


If you’re truly looking to level up your image, our process not only creates the logo, assets, colors, website, etc. that become the face of your business but also teaches you how to use them.  With our system, you will possess the tools and knowledge to surpass your competition in the marketplace.

Your Achievements

Get the Brand Aesthetic (Logo, color palette, typography, etc.) that you will be proud to showcase.


Learn what your brand stands for, so you can feel confident in how to represent it.


Get the data on your customers and target audience so you can most effectively reach and support them.


Set clear goals and intentions through Brand Strategy to have a roadmap on where to take your brand.


Develop a Brand Identity for a style guide on what to do for your public image and social media.


Stand out with your unique expression in even the most crowded industries.


Grow and develop the skills to accelerate your business to new heights.


Receive a brand board with the logos, assets, colors, fonts and more in an easy to download online package so you’ve got the full tool belt always accessible for your brands needs.


Learn and understand what branding is, and how you can best use it with your business to truly stand out in the marketplace.


Have a fully responsive and dynamically designed website to showcase everything we’ve worked on, complete with business and marketing tools to impress your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to learn about branding? I just need a logo.

This program is for the entrepreneurs and business owners who really want to take their skills to the next level. Too many times we have seen entrepreneurs, maybe like yourself, who have some of the tools necessary for strong branding but no idea how to use them. It’s that knowledge that's not provided by most graphic designers when delivering assets. You could have a gorgeous Ford Mustang but if you don’t drive stick then you’re not going very far. Our purpose is to not just give you the fancy tools but teach you how to use them so you can continue to grow your business.


Why is branding so important vs. just having a logo and other assets?


Ironically enough, your logo is probably the least important part of a brand. Branding is about messaging, and it’s that message that speaks to audiences and gets them to buy your product over another. Doing the work involved with understanding your customer and knowing how best to captivate them is leagues more valuable to your success than a fancy logo. 


How does branding convert to actual sales?


It’s no secret that audiences generally only purchase things they can trust. With a quality image, your customers are much more likely to believe you can provide them with value. Branding is like a silent salesman. Once you have the right image, audiences are more likely to invest in your services.


I’ve run my business for a while without it, why do I need a website now?


A business without a website is missing a lot of potential in this virtual age. With the ability to sell straight from your platform online, you can cut out a lot of the middle man apps you’re probably using today. You can also provide your leads with information, ways to contact you and a host of other business tools that will make your life so much easier. A kickass website is a direct level up to your business.


What’s the point of all of these calls?

It’s important for you to know the business lens to your branding and to understand why this branding is right for you, your business model and your target audience. Our calls serve the purpose of giving us all the information to make the best brand for you and give you the understanding of why that is. We have these calls together so the end result is an expression of you and your vision.

Our Process

Brand Attributes

By creating your brand pillars, we will come to a set of attributes we can assign to your brand so you know what your brand needs to communicate, and how to best represent them.

 Brand Audience

It’s hard to sell something when you don’t know who you're selling to. Combining market data with experience, we can create profiles for your audience and then deduce from said research how we can best serve them. 


Brand Strategy

A term you may have heard before, this is simply the process of creating a strategy based on the last two sections on how to get your audience to align with your brand pillars.

Brand Identity

Here we start to compile ideas on what the brands look and personality will be based on the theory and data from previous sections. We will plan out social media content, public image and all the good stuff usually associated with branding.

Brand Aesthetic

Finally it all comes together in this last section. Once we’re here our team will start creating the logo, color palettes, brand boards and website so you can hit the ground running, with the brand you’ve always wanted and deserved.

Your Value

Downloadable E-Books

 All the documentation on your brand's development. From attributes to identity in an easy to access digital format. We’ll be going through these concepts together so you can get a full understanding on how to use it.

5 One on One Sessions

Where we discover what your brand is all about and we will walk you through the process of developing said brand using the workbooks so you know what you’re getting and why you’re getting it.


Logo Design

Of course a brand needs a logo. Our team of experienced graphic designers will create the logo you can be proud to wear in all necessary formats, print and screen, so you can display your brand wherever you see fit.

Brand Assets

A library of supporting brand Assets including color palettes, typography, mockups, patterns, elements, and more.


 A design proposal, the stylescape serves the important purpose of being the proposal for you to approve before locking in your brand aesthetic.

Brand Board

The online style guide for you to get all the information and assets of your brand. This is your brand handbook to know how to use your brand, or send it to any designers with you to maintain consistency across all projects.


Responsive design for multiple devices, cutting edge business tools, and professional copywriting combined for a online portal into your business. Sell subscriptions, collect leads and capture your audience. A website is your brand come to life.


One full year of website administration and tech support. 

($1500 value)


One full year of premium domain hosting

($900 value)


Social media and product design mockups

($300 value)


Online brand portal hosted by milanote to organize and plan your brands marketing moves ($150 value)

Our Guarantee

We at Kireina Studios guarantee that you will be satisfied with what we create by the end of your time with us. That's why we don't cap our revisions on drafts or limit the amount of calls we have together. We will work until you're happy and we're proud to showcase everything we've done together.  


The Full Design Your Own Success Program: $6500

Payment Plan Options

Payments to begin your Brand Discovery to yourself can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, or E-Transfer. A payment will be made prior to your program start date. 


1st Option:

Payment in Full based on your investment of $6500. 


Pay in Full BONUSES:


Extra Resources and workbooks to hone your creative entrepreneurship skillset.

1 year of video call availability for further developing your website.

1 Kireina Gift Basket including a branded mug, notebook and more.


2nd Option:

Payment Plan can be arranged. 


Once payment has been received you will get an on-boarding document e-mailed to you with instructions on how to proceed signing up for milanote and calendly to book your calls in advance.

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