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Jason Allen John

Jason Allen John


Strategy, Identity, Aesthetic & Website

Jason Allen John is a real estate investment strategist for wealth builders in the GTA who want to create a legacy and are ready for future planning and financial freedom.

Newly-wed with a baby on the way, we had the pleasure of rebranding Jason's real estate agency. With other families in mind, the new brand represents "Legacy That Builds". Impact driven and integrity based, Jason's new strategy is to help people sitting on equity learn how to use that equity for the purpose of generational wealth.

With real estate and architecture in mind, the Logo icon is inspired by one of the most iconic building blocks in history. The Roman Column. By using both J's in Jason Allen John we we able to both include the name and reference a symbol of advancement, civilization, stability, and elegance. The roman column to this day still symbolizes the pinnacle of architecture.

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