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Emma Jack

Emma Jack


Brand Strategy, Identity, Aesthetic & Photography in collaboration with Summer Buss Creations

Emma Jack is the empowering performance coach for high achieving health practitioners. Through engaging programs and community experiences, Emma helps her clients go from burnout to breakthrough.

We had the pleasure of working with Emma in creating her brand and taking her practice to the next level. Her bright and bubbly nature brought about a very vivid brand identity which serves to shine some light and excitement into her audiences lives.

Our design method was straightforward, with her name standing front and center for her brand and logo. Once we decided on her aesthetic, we planned out our Brand Photoshoot on set in her clinic; storyboarding the photoshoot, creating the set and choosing the wardrobe. Then we brought in Brand Photographer Summer Buss from Summer Buss Creations to capture it all on film.

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