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Carmelinda DiManno

Carmelinda DiManno


Brand Strategy, Identity, Aesthetic & Website

Carmelinda DiManno has started a creative movement by starting an engaging and supportive fitness community for ambitious people who want to be revitalized and inspired through Yoga, Barre, Emotional Freedom Technique and much more.

When Carmelinda approached us about creating an online platform for her video library where her audience could subscribe for online fitness classes we were excited for the outcome. Finishing up just before the Covid-19 pandemic, people needed health support at home more than ever before and as an active member of her community, Carmelinda was the perfect facilitator. With many subscribers Carmelinda has extended her reach to impact her community from her online video platform.

Not only a Yoga and Movement facilitator, Carmelinda is also a DJ. That musical edge was used to inspire this logo. The sharp lettering calls to a cool 80's vibe which reflects the brand's edge from fitness to music.

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