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Be Well With Hope

Be Well With Hope


Brand Strategy, Identity, Aesthetic and Website.

Be Well With Hope is the trauma recovery coach for tenacious women. Using Neuroplasticity and Functional Medicine Based Programming, they aim to heal the Gut-Brain connection and inspire new ways of empowered living for their clients.

The progressive and trauma informed approach to explaining and integrating the science behind traditional healing methods is inspiring to say the least. Cassandra has created a mindfully badass functional healing program that has protocols rooted in research, science, and traditional healing methods to for a life filled with vitality and an overall increase in quality of life.

With a brand that has a female audience, we approached the design process with the same thing in mind. Vibrant colors to represent a brighter future and soft edges for trauma consciousness. This brand aesthetic is inviting, comforting and most importantly. welcoming towards an audience that has been through a lot and is ready for a new way of living.

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